An overview of the Clear Plastic Boxes

Most Clear Plastic Boxes come in either a clear plastic or a plain white plastic. This makes for a pretty boring box and if it’s lying around the house (for example in the kids room) you end up with a pretty ugly look. Lucky for you I have a few cool tips on how to spruce up these boxes to become a funky piece of furniture. Next holidays when the kids are driving you mad, have them decorate the boxes for you. Kids usually like to drawer and cut things out so I recommend some permanent markers, sheets of colored sticky paper and regular sticker packs.


Empty everything out of the box and have the kids first think about what theme they want to box to be about: superheroes, recycling, monsters, family etc. Then let the kids loose on them with the markers and stickers. The sticky paper can be cut into shapes to make pictures with or stuck around the entire clear plastic storage box for a background. This one can also be aided with kids or done by yourself. First you will need to go out and purchase some plastic friendly spray paint, masking tape and 2-3mm thick card. Choose a color to spray you entire storage box with. Once sprayed and dried you can either free hand spray on a design or cut shapes out of the card to use as stencils. You should end with a very professionally looking decorated plastic storage bin or box. For large plastic storage boxes consider doing a painting along one side to really give it some individuality.


These boxes with a new life go great in the kitchen or bathroom. Using cloth or fabric gives a much warmer feel than plastic. It can make your box an attractive addition to your kitchen or living room. Simply measure out a piece of cloth that can fold up all sides and then cut it out and sew it into a cloth ‘box’ then sit your box inside. A hot glue gun or strong fabric glue can hold the cloth box in place. If you’re not much of a sewer you can just cut the desired fabric to the correct length and glue it onto place around your box.

These are just a beginning to the many methods you can use to decorate your storage boxes. No matter what method you choose to use, they key is to be creative and then go with it. You can always do it over if you don’t like the first design. In fact, the transparent plastic box is widely used in our lives, bringing great convenience to our daily life.


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