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For most young girls who start daydreaming about the day they get married, they picture themselves in a New White Evening Dress that billows around them as they take that walk down the aisle to stand beside their handsome groom. For most woman, the tradition of being married in a white bridal gown is simply the only option considered and seems to be a tradition that stretches way back into history.

But, not every little girl, or woman about to be a bride herself thinks only about a white, dream marriage dress. In fact, many question why it is that the white bridal dress is such a strong and deep tradition and wonder where that tradition comes from in the first place. Even though it does seem to be the case, the fact of the matter is that women have not always been dressed in white for their wedding ceremonies. It is not even really known exactly when the tradition of wearing a white wedding dress truly took root, but because it is such a deep-seated tradition now, it seems like it has been a tradition that has always been practiced. Perhaps one reason why the tradition of white wedding dresses is so strongly ingrained in society today is because, since the era of photography, it seems that the perfect marriage dress has always been captured in images of white. Since we don’t have photographs of weddings of long bygone eras, the tendency is for people to leap to the assumption that marriage dresses have always been white. But, there is more than just assumption when it comes to the tradition surrounding white marriage dresses. It is well-known that white symbolizes virtue and purity. Wearing a white bridal dress carries a strong symbolism of a bride coming into a marriage with that purity of mind and heart in making a commitment to her groom.

In that day and age, wearing a marriage gown in a spotless white fabric was a display of wealth and position, in part because it was considered so extravagant at that time to have a dress made that the bride would never wear again. In those days, once a white dress was soiled it was rendered frank, especially for the upper class. There are many cultures in various parts of the world that have never adopted the wearing of a white wedding dress, and in many ways it is mainly the western world where the perfect wedding dress would be considered white. In other cultures, the more colorful and brilliant the colors of a wedding gown, the more the bride is displaying her excitement for the nuptials with her betrothed.

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